Los Angeles County is home to many high net-worth individuals. When going through the divorce process, these individuals often have unique challenges with regards to division of assets, determining the value of investments, factoring in debts and liabilities, and how to successfully navigate the challenges associated with the divorce process.

Even with a prenuptial agreement to simplify the process, divorce proceedings for high net worth individuals can be complex cases that require a unique perspective, thorough knowledge of family law, and experience with significant assets. As Los Angeles divorce lawyers for high net-worth individuals, our team at the Zitser Family Law Group, APC is capable and ready to assist you throughout the process, from planning to mediation with a private judge to court proceedings, and everything in between.

Defend Your Assets with the Law Offices of Diana P. Zitser, APC

It is critical that any divorce attorney for those with a high net worth recognize and understand the many complexities that come with determining net worth, including all assets and liabilities. At the Zitser Family Law Group, APC, we have experience with all of the common items that may be at issue, including:

  • Family businesses and family homes.
  • Stocks, bonds, and other investments.
  • Retirement funds and 401Ks.
  • Debts and liabilities incurred during the marriage.

We also have experience working with those that have vacation properties, automobile collections, investment properties, vacation homes, and more.

Those with a high net worth often have substantial assets and liabilities that need to be taken into account accurately in order to successfully determine overall net worth, division of assets, and more. We also know how important it is to take into account the standard of living, spending allowances, and other issues that often complicate proceedings for less experienced attorneys.

Above all else, we recognize the importance of discretion, and will do whatever we can to make sure that details of the planning and divorce proceedings are kept private.

Maintaining Lifestyle

A divorce causes many changes in your life, and one of the big changes will probably be financial. This does not mean that you forfeit the lifestyle you maintained during marriage, however. The court must distribute assets equitably, so that neither party can enjoy a better lifestyle at the expense of the other. Our law firm ensures that the court has all of the information it needs to fairly consider all of the financial issues on the table. We will bring in vocational experts, lifestyle experts, and financial professionals if necessary to help us advocate on your behalf.

Discreet Divorces for Celebrities and Those in Entertainment

Divorces are always challenging. Divorces for those that work in the entertainment industry are often more so. Not only are there unique challenges – including both tangible and intangible assets, as well as legal complexities that affect only those in the entertainment industry – but there is also the potential for the world at large to be interested in the details of this difficult time.

About the Zitser Family Law Group

Here at the Zitser Family Law Group, we have represented dozens of divorces for those working in the entertainment industry, including defending those involved in potentially high profile dissolutions. Our team has represented actors, screenwriters, musicians, directors, authors, and more, and we have done so with the utmost discretion and attention to the needs of each of client.

We know the law thoroughly, with over 20 years of experience and training. We are familiar with the challenges that life in the entertainment industry presents, including complexities such as:

  • Child custody for those that spend months on location.
  • Media influence and the potential biases they can create.
  • Division of royalties and intellectual property rights.

Asset division in a divorce, especially without a prenuptial agreement, means that often the individual will need to protect assets such as screenplays, software code, digital content, and more, all of which a court needs to determine how to divide among all parties. Our team can help you represent these assets, and make sure that they are divided fairly and in accordance with California state law.

Based in Los Angeles and serving both LA County and Orange County, we have better expertise than most at the issues that arise during these entertainment industry divorces, and since we also know that most in the entertainment industry are subject to intense public scrutiny, we will also do whatever we can to keep details of the case safe, secure, and private.

If you work in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and are going through a divorce, contact the Zitser Family Law Group today, and Diana and our team make sure that you receive the best possible divorce representation. Call us today at 310-948-6461 or 818-763-5274 to schedule an appointment.